International Conference on
Future Internet Systems and Applications

EDC Hotel, KL, Malaysia | 10 & 11 Dec, 2018

Call For Papers

International Conference on Future Internet Systems and Applications (FISA 2018) is a peer reviewed technical scientific conference that aims to bring together researchers, scientists, engineers, and scholar students to present their latest research results and share their experiences, new ideas, and development of all aspects in the fields of computer science and information technology.

  The topics that will be covered in the FISA 2018 include, but are not limited to:

Future Internet Systems

  • Internet of Things
  • Network data analytic
  • Information/Content Centric Network
  • Content distribution networks
  • Cloud and Grid Computing
  • Energy-aware Internet communication
  • Peer-to-Peer and overlay networks
  • Internet security, privacy and trust management
  • Intrusion Detection, Malware, Botnet, Spam Detection
  • Internet Architecture design and evaluation
  • Disruptive Tolerant Network
  • Routing, switching, and addressing
  • Internet Performance Studies
  • Internet traffic monitoring, engineering and management
  • Techniques for network measurement and simulation
  • Mobility support in current and future Internet
  • Wireless, mobile, and sensor networks
  • Storage area networks
  • Software Defined Network and Network programming

Future Internet Applications

  • Emerging Internet applications
  • Blockchain technology and applications
  • Digital home and Smart Cities Applications;
  • Telematics Applications
  • Mobile and Location-based Services
  • Web Services and Applications
  • Experience from implementations and experiments
  • Internet Governance
  • Internet Commerce and E-Health Applications
  • Future Internet Services
  • Internet Multimedia Applications